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Hey there beautiful!

I’m Stephani, a Toronto based holistic nutritionist and nutrition blogger with a focus on women’s health. I’m an extroverted introvert that lives for the little things in life. An educated, independent woman that is proud of who she is and knows she has lots to bring to the table. I’m an auntie, a sister, a loyal friend and daughter. I’m a to-the-T free spirited Sagittarian.  A yogini with a love for self-discovery and spiritual practice. A social butterfly with mad Wanderlust that has me day-dreamin’ daily of different cultures, sunrises in the mountains and sunsets on the beach. And a city gal that finds her self seeking out every café that serves up a matcha latte.


Making women feel their bombshell best! My ideal client is a young woman who knows there is more to healthy living than masking their 2pm slump with a Venti triple shot with whipped cream. She knows something is not right when she wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to bed. She strives for balance in life, but finds herself challenged in maintaining it then punishes herself by not eating carbs for a week. She likes to have fun and be active in the city. She lives life to the fullest, but knows she could take it a little further if she just let go of those insecurities. She might not fully love her body. YET! That’s where I come in.


To help young women feel inspired by the idea of getting healthy and feeling the absolute best about their bodies! I want to leave you with the skills of how to embrace the body you were gifted with. It is beautiful and perfect and the sooner you learn that, the sooner you can start daring greatly in life. I will teach you how to fuel it so it can thrive and your inner Goddess can start struttin’ her stuff.


I want to help females living in the city make quick healthy swaps while eating out. Say no to that breadbasket and yes, have that champagne. Always say yes to champagne!

You’re busy, I know. I will prove to you there is time to be healthy and re-jig those priorities.

I’ll tell you where to get the avocadoes and nut milk, clear up what Kombucha is and explain what cold-pressed means. In short, I’ll get down to earth and speak your language.

I know you don’t care what an electrolyte actually is so instead I’ll give you tips about how to handle that hangover with ease.

I’ll supply ya with ample, EASY plant-based recipes that you can use for those times your hosting a dinner party where 70% of your girl friends have gone vegan and all you can think to make them is fruit salad.

When it comes to healthy food and making it easy for you to be healthy: I GOT YA COVERED.


Girl, I’ve been there. I hated my body. And that’s putting it lightly. I struggled with hormonal imbalance, a common issue known as hypothyroidism. A diagnosis that began a full out war between my body and my psyche. Think Regina George on her worst day.

Why didn’t it respond to calorie restriction? Shouldn’t I feel better after working out not more fatigued? Why am I not loosing weight despite working out 7 days a week? I knew there was more to the story, which led me to nutrition and natural health care and, finally, I found some answers. And more importantly, I looked inward, and realized an internal shift needed to happen before any of that healthy eating could pay off.

I view learning to love my body as being my biggest accomplishment. Embracing my insecurities is something that makes me more proud than any of the diplomas on my wall. I want to extend this knowledge to YOU and teach you how to cease the negative babbling that runs through your head every time you pick up a chip.


•  Certified Nutritional Practitioner, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition
•  Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy, UWO
•  Bachelor of Human Kinetics & Minor in Psychology, UofW
•  Reiki Practitioner- Levels 1 and 2