Hi friends! Today I have something pretty exciting for you. A special female feature of a bad-ass woman in the health world that I can’t help but be inspired by.

I’ve recently been getting to know Sarah Rennick of the fitness blog Sundresses and Squats. Today I’m sharing her answers to some questions I’ve asked her to introduce this amazing woman to you all.

What you can’t tell from the beautiful pictures of this fit babe is that she has the sweetest soul and makes one feel comfortable within minutes of meeting her. We really connected, especially on the aspect of our work that focuses on making females feel comfortable in their bodies. We are on the same page and speak the same ‘self-love’ language that is so integral to living optimally and feeling your best. Both Sarah and I have the belief that by providing our clients with the tools and support to thrive, through proper nutrition, emotional work and ways to move the body, we help them feel good so they can continue taking on the world.

On her website, Sarah herself says: “After years of dieting, excessing exercise, constant weight fluctuations and an unhealthy relationship with my scale, I reached a point where I wanted to find balance.”

Ahhhh, balance. I can totally relate to this! And I’m sure many of you reading can as well. Sarah’s approach is just up my alley. I can’t wait for you all to get to know her a little better.

Sarah and I have more in store for you in the future including some exciting nutrition and fitness collaborations. But for now, enjoy getting to know Sarah by learning a little more about her below!

What got you started in fitness and health?

For many years I feared weight training. Like many other women, I worried that I would become super muscular overnight. I began seeing photos of other women involved in fitness who maintained their curves and rocked their toned physiques. I soon realized that looking like a bodybuilder wasn’t in my cards and my fears were relinquished. Lifting weights made me feel strong and empowered! I started craving that feeling and just like that my relationship with fitness was in full force.

I have always loved trying new recipes and learning about nutrition. Health is something I value above all else, it is our lifeline. It is important to take care of your body- hey, you are the one living in it after all!

What is your go to workout?

Lately I have been in love with Tabata training, it is such an efficient way to workout. Simply pick 6 exercises and perform them consecutively for 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between each one. When you have completed all exercises rest for 2 minutes and repeat for four rounds. This is guaranteed to get your heart pumping!

What is your ‘go-to’ post workout snack?

There is something so refreshing about a smoothie after a good sweat session. I love blending up 1 cup of berries with almond milk and protein powder.

Who is your ideal client?

Most of my clients are those who want to better themselves and learn how to train properly. My goal is to set my clients up with the knowledge to continue long after our time together is over. I want to help others choose fitness as part of their lifestyle!

Three things I can’t live without:

  • My magic bullet! I blend everything in there and love the convenience of not having to wash an entire blender after every use! (dishwasher safe cups) I make smoothies, salad dressings and anything else that is blendable.
  • My resistance band- No glute day will ever be the same without it! Great for muscle activation and other unique exercises
  • My Five-Minute Journal! This little book was worth every penny, it includes spaces each day to express gratitude and set goals.

How do you make time for yourself? What are your own self-care practices that help keep you balanced?

I feel that you need to show up for yourself first before you can do the same for others. Weight training, running and yoga have all been outlets for me to de-stress, this is my ME time. I feel that many people put training at the bottom of their to do lists. I have found that this time makes me more productive and overall a happier me! Once you begin to look at it this way you suddenly realize that you can fit in a small bit of something everyday.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Enjoying the sun and ocean does something magical to my soul. I would pick a sunny Caribbean destination where I could workout outside and sip coconut water on the beach. Care to join?

(Steph: I’m with ya %100 Sarah!!)

What is your advice for someone who doesn’t workout regularly but wants to get started?

I have two pieces of advice for those new to fitness:

1- Nike said it best, JUST DO IT. Seriously. Don’t obsess over the amount of time you have, if you have 15 minutes it is better than doing nothing at all.

2- Pick something you enjoy! Do you hate spin classes but still go every noon hour because you think it’s the best form of exercise? Stop! If you don’t enjoy what you are doing you will be less likely to succeed long term.

Soccer, yoga, dancing- whatever it is. Do that!

Diggin’ on Sarah? Visit her website to get fitness informed here!