Recently, I finished up a juice cleanse in which I consumed only juice for a few days. During this time the weather took a turn here in Toronto. Our graceful transition into Fall with all things pumpkin spice and multi-coloured leaves turned in to an abrupt reminder of what is upon us… WINTER. (cue scary music: Dun dun dunnnn). We were blessed with drops in temperature, lots of precipitation and wind tunnels in downtown Toronto that could literally make you fly away.

Because I was juice cleansing, my metabolism did not need to fire intensely meaning there was limited heat production internally. Juice does not need to be digested, thus, my digestive processes were on hold. This means my body didn’t need to use energy to help digest, which usually stimulates lots of heat production in the body. So, you can imagine I felt the cold even more!

I’m a summer girl all the way over here. I have to make a conscious effort to amp myself up for the winter season. This means pulling out some of the tricks in my holistic tool kit.

Maybe the word ‘ winter’ doesn’t send shivers down your spine like it does to mine. If that’s the case I have a feeling you must be reading this from a warm sunny beach in California ;)! As a Canadian, I should love winter, right? Wrong! Have you lived through a polar vortex? I have, and my professional advice is that you don’t want to.

I’m a summer girl all the way over here. I have to make a conscious effort to amp myself up for the winter season. This means pulling out some of the tricks in my holistic tool kit. Perhaps your one of those people who is always cold and never seem to warm up no matter how many snuggies and slippers you throw on. This could be a sign that it is time you try some strategies that help increase your inner fire and circulation throughout the season change.

Tip Number 1: Make friends with warming spices!

Warming spices will keep ya toasty warm from the inside out! They help stimulate the digestive fire that can be dimmed by cool drinks and enhance circulation. Spices to consider cooking with are cayenne, ginger, turmeric, cloves, black pepper and cinnamon. Horseradish is another that can also help with clearing of respiratory passages.

Tip Number 2: Get sweaty at a hot yoga class. Or just get moving!

I know you keep saying you’ll try it eventually. But might I ask you, as the tears stream down from your cheeks from the gust of wind your walking into, when is there a better time? Hot is in its title, so I don’t think I need to get into too much detail on how it can heat you up.

I know its tough getting out of bed and crawling to the gym or yoga studio when the weather is like this, but the benefit of increasing your heart rate and getting the blood flowing is that by summer your bod will be ready for the beach and throughout the winter you will stay revving!

Tip Number 3: Sail Away in a Sauna or Steam room

Warm up and get heated with either dry or wet heat in a sauna of steam room, and reap the multiple holistic health benefits. Warm heat has a relaxing effect on the muscles and the mind. Before you know it, you will think your on a sandy beach under the sun! Spending time in the sauna or steam room can assist with pain management, speeds up removal of toxins and promotes healthy blood flow.

Tip Number 4: Chase the sun and take a trip!

Yes, I know the struggles of being on a budget, but if you can make this one happen by saving a lil of that summer cash, I highly suggest it for the maintenance of your mental health. (lol). AND, for the maintenance of your Vitamin D stores. Vit D, the sunshine vitamin, acts similar to a hormone in our body and is needed by every cell. We get it in heaps from the glorious rays in the summer, but our stores slowly deplete over the winter and by April/May they are at their lowest. Jet setting to a sunshine city can do you wonders in improving your mood and overall functioning of the body.

Tip Number 4: Cuddle your buddy!

I don’t think this one needs much explaining, but I will leave you with a fun fact: Did you know that having sex is similar to doing a HIIT workout? You burn anywhere from 80 to 300 calories depending on its length and intensity. This means your metabolism is on fire! And, apparently so is your love life… go girl!

Cuddling also boosts your immune system, which is much needed during winter as many bugs are ready to invade our systems. Screw Christmas markets and building snow men together, how about doing something a little more productive? (LOL. kidddding ;)…but not really)