Hey friends! I’ve been a little MIA recently. Honestly, summer lovin’ and sunny days have me away from my computer a little more than usual. And to be very honest, I have been quite uninspired lately. The up’s and down’s of building something out of nothing, my own business, has really been getting to me lately and I’m feeling a lil pooped that I needed some time to decompress.  I constantly try to remind myself how far its come from one year ago to put things into perspective. Rome wasn’t build in a day and I can’t compare my beginning to someone elses’ middle, I know this. However, I am human and it has been taking a toll.

What I found to be very helpful, among other things, is to rely on those around me. To surround myself with people that get it and to remind myself that I am not alone. Many women in my field and in my age group are going through similar struggles. There is something to be said about being vulnerable about this and supporting one another through the obstacles.  Today I’m talking the power of coming together, specifically the power of women coming together.

Here are my take-aways of what I experience when women come together to support one another:

  1. Change happens.

Let’s be honest, a bunch of women can really make shit happen. Power in numbers, right? Women never cease to amaze me how when coming together they feed off one another to reach a goal.

  1. Vulnerability is magical.

Being vulnerable is easier amongst women who you feel comfortable with in a judgement free zone. That release of what is getting at you is not only beneficial to you, but may also inspire others to share or take action in their own lives. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost most of what is left of my filter LOL. I’ve learnt that sharing my feelings and tearing the walls down is much more beneficial to my mental health than keeping it all in. Through this platform, I have also learned how sharing my own story can help others in such tremendous ways!

  1. I am inspired to be better.

The women around me continue to teach me how to better myself. They help me look at situations differently so I don’t get stuck in my own way. I learn so much about the world through sharing stories and knowledge amongst each other. I am continuously inspired by the mountains they are climbing that it makes me want to be a better person.

3. I don’t feel alone.

Feeling supported makes you feel like you are part of something. In my world, being a part of a tribe full of like-minded women that just get you, makes my heart so full and further connects me to my purpose of helping other women in my life and around the globe!

4. I am reminded of my own greatness and potential.

If she can do it, so can I! Women mentors just keep me going. I am reminded I have it all right there within me when I see women just tearin’ up the scene and making moves that make us all look on in “Awe!”




Do you feel the same when you get together with like-minded women? What are your experiences? I would love to know! Comment below! 🙂