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Client from Seaforth, Ontario

Being a mom has brought enormous love and great challenges into my life. In January 2016, my husband and I joyfully welcomed our second healthy baby girl into this world. Six weeks after my textbook c section delivery, I was plagued with several postpartum problems and wanted an alternative approach to help heal my body. I needed someone who understood the challenges of trying to care for myself while caring for a newborn and a 3 1/2 year old so I reached out to Steph for practical health and wellness advice and support. The moment I connected with Steph, I felt confident that with her positivity, energy and professional expertise, I could and would succeed. She carefully reviewed my personal history, addressed my postpartum health issues and ultimately created a collection of health resources, quick meal ideas, and simple daily healing strategies to help me feel my best. Within a few weeks of following Steph’s customized step by step plan, I had overcome my sugar cravings, resolved my constipation issues, boosted my energy levels and was well on my way to meeting my weight loss goals. My family also reaped the benefits of eating healthy delicious food as well as a more active and engaged Mom! Steph’s friendly email checkins provided additional motivation and helped me kick start my metabolism when the scale wasn’t showing results. Today, I am 6 months postpartum, feeling amazing and truly believe in the healing powers of food! I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, can keep up with my girls (most days) and enjoy making one new recipe a week from Steph’s list of meal ideas.

My whole family LOVES Steph’s chocolate avocado mousse! 

I am so grateful to Steph for introducing me to new ways of nourishing my body and helping me create small changes each day that have had a hugely positive impact on my mind, body and spirit. I am living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle thanks to her.


Client and Physiotherapist at pinnaclephysiotherapy.com 

Stephani went above and beyond in helping me with my health and nutrition issues. She is professional, efficient, passionate and most of all caring. When you seek out advice from a healthcare professional you have a level of expectation and Stephani exceeds all expectations. Her passion for what she does is reflected in her treatment of her clients. 


Goodlife Fitness

Stephani is my go to for all nutrition advice. Her passion and knowledge of whole food nutrition and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is what makes her an exceptional nutritionist.